The Man Behind the Mic

About Joe Emilio

Joe was born in Texas, USA and has been moving around all his life, from USA to Egypt to South Africa. Joe fell in love with Stand-up Comedy at an early age, however it was only when he arrived in South Africa that he started to pursue his dream of becoming a Stand-up Comedian.

Performing since 2011; Joe's comedy is fresh and original with interesting twists on the American and South African culture. He talks about his experiences in South Africa, including: relationships, general life encounters and problems, as well as learning some questionable Afrikaans sentences.

He is a storyteller comedian, energetic and lively on the stage.

Joe will give you a new out-look on the South African culture and make you giggle or chuckle next time you say “Awe” or “Robots”… Come find out for yourself … Come watch Joe Emilio; South Africa’s American #Texican

Some of Joe's career highlights:

  • Performing at rocking the daisies 2013
  • Performing at Synergy 2013
  • Performing at Northlink college charity event 2014
  • Performing at the Soweto theatre for SA comics choice: newcomer
    showcase 2014
  • #ThatsFunny stand-up comedy show 2014
  • Performing for prestige academy 2015
  • Performing at Sellenbosch Social Event for Medical Students 2015
  • Performing at The Box (Jhb) 2015
  • Performing at ICLP Group 2016
  • Performing for Angels Table View (2016)
  • Kego Charity event 2016
  • MC/Host for Out of Africa Children's Foundation Comedy Fundraiser (2016)
  • Running #ThatsFunny shows and Stand-up Comedy shows since 2011
  • Resident MC/ Host for #ThatsFunny
  • Resident MC for Rush Social Sundays and Dodgeball SA
  • Performed at: Armchair, Comedy on a River, Hanover Street, Beer House Comedy Club, SGT Pepper, Highlanders, Epaña Restaurant, Banned Rock Lounge and many more local comedy stages
  • Performing at Cape Town Comedy Club (2016)- 1 of the top 10 Comedy clubs in the world!
  • In October 2016 Joe debuted his one-man show: "Joe Ma Se BBQ"
  • Currently the resident MC and commentator for Dodgeball SA
  • Semi- Finalist in the 2017 #ShowUsYourApples Stand-up
    Comedy Competition held at the Cape Town Comedy Club

October 2016 Collective Arts Theatre - Joe Ma Se BBQ

July 2017 Highlander sports bar - Joe Ma Se BBQ

September 2017 Aandklas - Joe Ma Se BBQ


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